Behavior Expectations

Silverdale Elementary School utilizes the Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) program to establish a proactive approach to behavioral supports and the culture needed for all students to achieve social, emotional and academic success.  

We create a positive environment for students and staff by establishing a system of school wide expectations, investing in skill development, providing clear consequences, and planned incentives. We aim to recognize and celebrate all students when they are successful and we provide interventions when students need help. 

A key component of student success is family support. We strive to partner with families though communication and opportunities for active involvement. 

At Silverdale Elementary, we teach students appropriate behaviors through our schoolwide expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn

At the beginning of the school year, all students are taught and practice expected behaviors in different settings of our school. Staff reteach after breaks and as needed.

Behavior Expectations
Behavior Expectations
Kids need to be taught to navigate the social world, learn how to nurture positive relationships, manage emotions and set goals to thrive in life. In addition to teaching schoolwide behavior expectations, we utilize the Second Step curriculum to build skills for success. 

Second Step lessons are tailored for each grade level and concepts build over time. For more information, visit 
To recognize students for being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn, every staff member is encouraged to use Dolphin Dollars to reinforce positive student behavior throughout the school. 

Each week the Dolphin Market will be open to students to spend tickets on prizes and experiences.