Rules & Conduct

The staff of Silverdale Elementary believe the following values are essential to the successful functioning of our school:

  • Respect the individual
  • Believe in the worth of children
  • Expect the best from each student
  • Encourage open communication
  • Strive for excellence

We strive to use a positive behavior challenge through  the Character Counts program.  Teachers teach and reinforce positive character traits.  We have 3 assemblies a year to honor not only academics but positive growth in character and perseverance. When issues arise we have steps we follow using a discipline ladder.

Our school and district rules are designed to encourage a positive and safe, productive learning environment for all students. In addition to the school rules on this page, we ask all students and parents to review the Student Rights & Responsibilities each year.

Please also review our attendance policy.

Suggestions to Help Your Child Successfully Meet School Expectations

  • Reinforce her/his ability to be successful
  • Speak positively about school
  • Get involved, ask questions
  • Encourage appropriate choices
  • Help your child accept responsibility for behavior choices
  • Stay in contact with  Silverdale. If your child is confused about or denying a behavior at school, call or e-mail the teacher for clarification
  • Remember a consequence is a teaching tool and behavior deterrent. Keep separate the child’s esteem and behavior.

If your child calls home to report a misbehavior, the following questions and comments are helpful:

  • What did YOU do? (not someone else, YOU)
  • What were you supposed to be doing? Or
  • What would have been more appropriate? Or
  • What can you do differently next time?

End with a comment on expected behavior and your belief that he/she can display it.

Personal Items at School

We discourage students from bringing personal items to schools  This includes toys, cell phones, I Pods, electronic games and other technology devices, collectable cards and various playthings.  Students should not bring breakable, perishable or valuable items to school including money. 

We make this request due to the fact that these items can get lost or damaged as well as being a distraction  to learning.  If students are given the opportunity to bring an item to school for a special occasion, they should keep the item in their backpack and only bring it out for the special sharing session. 

The first time a student brings something to school that should have stayed at home, they will receive a reminder not to bring it again. If they bring it again, the item will be held by the school staff , the parents will be notified and will need to pick up the item from school.


Even the friendliest dog can be a hazard on a playground full of children. Pets are not allowed at school unless prior arrangements have been made.  Please be sure your animals are confined at home until after school begins. 

Pets are not  allowed on school buses.  The Kitsap Humane Society will be contacted regarding any stray, unlicensed dog on school district property.


We ask parents not to send notes to the teacher requesting permission for a child to remain inside during recess. We believe that if children are well enough to be at school, they are well enough to participate during recess.

We recognize however, there may be times when a child needs to recuperate from an injury/illness and will gladly allow him/her to stay inside under these conditions if we are supplied with a note from the doctor.

We also believe that children benefit from fresh air and exercise during recess time. We have very few “indoor recess” days. Please make sure your child is dressed for outdoor play by wearing weather-appropriate clothing (hats, warm coat, boots, etc.). If your child is prone to play in muddy areas, please provide a change of clothes.  We do not have the means to exchange out muddy clothing.

School Clothing

At Silverdale we encourage students to “dress for success.” School is the place we all work. Here are some guidelines for dressing for success:

  • Student clothing should not be disruptive to the educational process, disrespectful or offensive, or promote items which are illegal for student use. 
  • Students may wear shorts or skirts to school only if they are long enough to touch the fingertips when standing with arms hanging straight down.
  • Midriff (short) tops that leave the stomach area exposed  are not allowed.
  • Tank tops or dresses with straps less than two finger width (about 2 inches) are not allowed at school.
  • Shoes—Wheelies (shoes that have wheels built into the bottom) are not allowed at school. Please send your child to school in shoes that will be safe for their age and activities. Athletic type shoes are necessary for PE. 
  • All head coverings (hats, hoods, headscarves) are to be worn outside the building only for both boys and girls.
  • If your child is prone to play in wet muddy places, please provide an extra set of pants that can stay in the backpack along with a plastic bag to bring home wet/soiled clothes.

Lunch Lines and Lunchroom

  • Students will have assigned tables in the lunchroom
  • Students must follow the directions of the adult in charge of lunchroom supervision.

  • Playground

  • Students must follow the directions of the adult in charge of playground supervision.
  • Rough play is not allowed on the playground.
  • When the first long whistle blows , students are to stop what they are doing, freeze and listen for directions. When students hear two short whistle blows, they must walk quickly and quietly to line up in their assigned area.
  • Students are to stay outside during all recesses unless they have a pass.
  • Students are encouraged to use Kelso choices to solve “small” problems.  *“Big” problems must be reported to an adult.

  • Restrooms

  • Students must have a pass when using the restroom when coming from the classroom or the playground.
  • Students are to enter the restrooms from the hallway rather than through the work areas.
  • Birthdays

    We love to honor your child's birthday through announcements. Due to an increase in allergies and rules w/in the district,  we ask :
    • Please only bring store bought foods.
    • Celebrations w/ food happen at lunch time, or at the end of the day at the teacher's discretion.
    • Refrain from sending balloons and flowers, unless you are picking your student up from school that day.
    • Invitations to birthday parties can only be given out at school if it includes the whole class, or is gender specific (all the boys or all the girls)
    You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child!  Just stop by the office and pick up a visitor's badge.