Buses often allow electronic devices to allow students to be independently busy while on the buses.  At school all devices must be kept in backpacks (at your own risk) at all times.  The only exception is the use of devices for read-ins as allowed by the classroom teacher.

 Cell phones may be used after school hours.  Please do not count on contacting your child through their cell phone.  Please notify the office of any emergency situation, especially if it requires your student leaving early.

All students must sign an Acceptable Use Agreement before using the computers at school.  Consequences will be given for misusing the devices.

Computers are important learning tools and are used almost daily across the grade levels. Students create documents, slides and a variety of other projects.  The internet is used to practice academic skills as well as to conduct research.  Computers are also used to  conduct all levels of testing from classroom, to district to statewide tests.