Rules & Conduct

Our school and district procedures and expectations are designed to encourage a positive and safe, productive learning environment for all students. In addition to the school rules on this page, we ask all students and parents to review the Student Rights & Responsibilities each year.

Please also review our attendance policy.

Personal Items

We discourage students from bringing personal items to schools including toys, collectable cards, valuable items, cell phones, and other technology devices. 

Items can get lost or damaged as well as being a distraction  to learning.  If students are given the opportunity to bring an item to school for a special occasion, they should keep the item in their backpack and only bring it out for the special sharing session.  


Even the friendliest dog can be a hazard on a campus full of children. Pets are not allowed at school unless prior arrangements have been made.   


Please make sure your child is dressed for outdoor play by wearing weather-appropriate clothing (hats, warm coat, boots, etc.). Children benefit from fresh air and exercise during recess time. We have very few “indoor recess” days. 

We recognize however, there may be times when a child needs to recuperate from an injury/illness and will gladly allow him/her to stay inside under these conditions if we are supplied with a note from the doctor.

Dress Code

Students should dress in a manner that

  • Is not disruptive to the educational process
  • Is not offensive to others
  • Is not revealing (midriff should be covered)

Specifically, tank tops (need fabric on the shoulder 2-inches wide). Short shorts/skirts (shorts/skirts must be longer than student's fingertips when their arms are down at their sides), sagging pants or clothing advertising illegal substances are not permitted. Shoes should be worn daily that are appropriate for PE and recess.

Electronic Devices

All personal electronic devices must be turned off and kept in backpacks (at your own risk) during the school day.  

o not count on contacting your child through their cell phone.  Please notify the office of any emergency situation, especially if it requires your student leaving early.

Computers are important learning tools and are used almost daily across the grade levels. All students must sign an Acceptable Use Agreement before using the computers at school.  Consequences will be given for misusing the devices.

Threatening Language


We love to honor your child's birthday through announcements! If you would like to arrange a school celebration for your child, please contact your child's teacher to arrange in advance. Celebrations take place in the classroom, at the teacher's discretion. 

Due to student allergies and to ensure proper food handling, we ask for store bought foods only.  

Refrain from sending balloons and flowers, unless you are picking your student up from school that day. Balloons are not permitted on school busses.