Guest Author, Patrick Carman

Silverdale Welcomes Patrick Carman
Posted on 10/14/2019

patrick carman talking to students

 What a great assembly!  Patrick talked with 3rd through 5 th grade students.  He is a great storyteller.  The students were enthralled with his presentation.  He gave the students two important tips to help with writing: verbally share your story before writing and draw the pictures that are in your imagination regarding the story.  Patrick, a Washington author, has written over 41 books.  His latest venture is Towervale which combines Minecraft gaming with his book.  By beating the given level it tells which section of the book to read next.  This section will provide the password and how to beat the next level.    By answering a key question  Tyler Jenne and Maya Macfarlane both won a copy of his new book! Patrick signed the books and a few other objects that students gave him!  He was a wonderful speaker.  We thank him for his generosity! Please visit the Photo Gallery to see pictures of the event!
2 students with autographs      Student holding Towervale book