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                   Newsletter  2018 - 2019

State Level Testing will begin this week.
4th Grade Schedule:
Tuesday, May 7th: SI ELA CAT
Wednesday, May 8th: SI ELA PT. part one
Thursday, May 9th: SI ELA PT. part two

Tuesday, May 14th: EI Math CAT
Wednesday, May 15th: SI Math PT
****Please try to avoid making appointments for your students during the school day on these dates so they are able to complete testing with their peers. If there is an emergency please let me know. It is especially important that your students get a good nights sleep and a "Power" breakfast to help them start their day in a positive way. Thank you all for your continued support.

Students are working on Practice Test Prep for SBA. We are doing a packet review of math in our 4th grade year.

TARGET THE QUESTION: This is a Math Problem Solving program that Hi-Cap Students are working on In a Team.

RED BIRD MATH: Chrome Book Math program is part of our My Math classroom program. Students are required to spend 15 minutes working on this site daily. This is done in class.

Your students have the ability to access this program at home. It is a great site, not only for math challenge but also for practicing facts. I would encourage you to visit this site with your student. I sent home an access code at the beginning of the school year. Your student should have this memorized.


bear illustration


All students must continue to work on their multiplication facts In order to commit them to memory.  We continue to work on timings at school. It would be so helpful to make this part of their homework routine.



Students are working on Lesson 23 in Literacy. 
Students access Classroom on their chrome books and are able to read and listen to the assigned stories in addition to whole group Instruction in the classroom, and extended assignments.  

QUIZLET: this is a Vocabulary site where the words for the week are practiced with fun activities and challenges.

Log cabin


We are completing our "Salmon In The Classroom" studies. We had a great time on our Salmon Release Field Trip. Thanks to all of you who helped us.  Students will be tested over their "Salmon Slides Journals, and their fold-out Salmon Life Cycle Fish." We look forward to creating our Salmon Life Cycle Bracelets.



4th & 5th Grade:
Washington State A Regional Geography.
Text book: "Washington Adventure."
We have just competed the "Washington Overview" section and are working on "The Coastal Region, Puget Sound Lowlands, Cascade Range, Okanogan Highlands and the Columbia Basin. Our focus this week is  on Washington Industries and learning more about what keeps Washington moving. We are all learning amazing things about the beautiful state of Washington. 

SPELLING: Students will be using the "Spell City" program on their Chrome Books. All activities must be completed by Friday each week. Students will take their final exam on Friday. Watch for this to come home in their Monday Mailboxes.

HOMEWORK: The Homework Packet goes home every Friday and is due back, completed, the following Thursday. Students must record their minutes read and the name of their book. Parents, please initial these. Students may complete their reading on any day, or collection of days during the week. Between 20 and 30 minutes daily is a goal for 4th grade students. Reading can be completed on any day or combination of days you and your child choose. Remember, there is a place for a Parent and Student signature on the bottom of the Packet Cover Sheet. I send this home in their Blue Dolphin Folders on Friday. The building sends home updates and important information on Fridays, check for this also. Please have them return the folder on Monday so that their classwork can be sent home to you.

***Please Note that Homework Packets for the next two weeks are modified due to SBA testing. Students are still required to do their grade level reading and cursive practice pages. 

These are brought home daily so you can see what we are working on at school, and so you and your student can plan your week. Please sign these at the bottom of each column daily.

These are due back on Monday each week so I can send you their work from the previous week.  Please check on Monday's to be certain your child is sharing their progress with you.   




Reading Olympics was a huge success for our class. Your students read the most minutes at 39,258. This earned us an Ice Cream Party, date to be determined! 17 Gold medals were awarded, Two Silver and Two Bronze. Six of our Gold Medal students read way beyond the 12,oo required for Gold. Thank You parents for supporting our efforts. Be proud of your children, they did an amazing job. 

these students are working with Mr. Sommer on Tuesday's and Thursdays for accelerated math challenge activities.
VERBAL: This group is working on Vocabulary E-Cards, extended reading and writing activities and a Classics Book Club. 

Math Olympiad: Our Hi-Cap group just completed a Math Olympiad Challenge day with other students from the district. 

CAMP COLEMAN: Wednesday May 22nd though Friday May 24th.

Camp is inching closer and we are very exited. 
We have met with Camp Chaperones/Drivers and are grateful for your contribution to helping us make Camp a success.

*** We want all 4th grade students to be able to attend camp. The cost for camp is $130.00. If you would like/need assistance with financing the camp experience for your student please let me know. 

More information will follow soon!!

                  is this weeks recipient of the Kindness Coin. Congratulations, you are a fantastic role model for what it means to be kind to others. This is a special gold coin passed from student to student in the classroom. It is given to a new student each week who possess the characteristics of a kind and caring person. Thank You  for being one of the best ambassadors for kindness in our classroom. We are so fortunate that you are part of the Camp Sommer TEAM.
Other Recipients this year:
Miley           Salvador

 Congratulations to ,  has been elected this weeks Camper of the Week.she is a great example of a student who follows all the Silverdale Pillars of Character.   can always be counted on to make excellent choices in the classroom and everywhere else at Silverdale. Keep up the great work.
Other Campers this year:

Students are working on earning their self-manager badges. Following the Pillars, being prepared for school each day, independent work skills, and being an excellent role model are requirements for earning this badge.  Our first five students to earn their badges are:
Cade Kuharich
Carmela Fajardo
Vivian Mitchell
Alistair King
Mabel Pitman
Congratulations for showing us daily, what it means to be a Self-Manager at Silverdale Elementary.

9:00 - 9:10 Morning Chores
9:10 - 9:20  Announcements
9:20 - 9:40 Class Meeting (Mondays)
9:20 - 10:50  Math Workshop Block
10:50 - 11:20 Independent & Hi-Cap Challenge Math
11:20 - 12:00  Lunch/Recess
12:00 - 12:45  Writing Workshop Block
12:45 -  1:15     Read Aloud/Planner/
1:15 - 2:45 Reading Workshop Block
1:15 - 2:00 Afternoon Recess
2:00 - 2:45  Science/Engineering/Social Studies Rotations
2:50 - 3:25  Monday PE / Tuesday Music
2:45 - 3:25   Wednesday  PE / Friday Music
3:25: Hit The Trail Time

**Research Block & Library: 12:30 - 1:30 Thursdays
**Reading Buddies:  10:45 - 11:15 Thursdays

illustration of camping items, a tent, lamp and fire