Character Counts

Character Counts PillarsSilverdale Elementary School utilizes the Character Counts program to help with the teaching 

of character education.  Our school-wide program follows the six pillars of character:  Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  Teachers give “Splashing Dolphin” awards to students who are demonstrating good character.  The awards are submitted to the office and student names are read over the morning announcements.  Students also receive a school pencil (one a year) when they receive a Splashing Dolphin award.  Student names are listed each month in the school newsletter. 

Please check out the Character Counts website for more information about this nationally recognized program.

At the end of each trimester, we recognize students at our awards assembly.  Two students in each classroom are recognized in the following categories: perseverance, character and academics.  These students receive a ribbon and are also given recognition in the school newsletter.  

September: Responsibility :  Always Do your Best ~ Use  Self-control ~ Think Before you Act  ~ Be Accountable for your Choices

October: Fairness:  Play by the Rules ~ Take Turns and Share ~ Be Open-minded; Listen to Others ~  Don't Blame Others Carelessly

November:  Caring:  Be Kind ~ Show you Care ~ Forgive Others ~ 

December: Caring:  Express Gratitude ~  Help People in Need

January:  Citizenship:  Cooperate ~ Be a Good Neighbor ~ Obey the Rules ~ Respect Authority~  Do your Share to Make Your School and Community Better

February:  Trustworthiness:  Be Honest ~ Be Reliable ~ Have the Courage to do the Right Thing ~ Build a Good Reputation ~ Be Loyal 

March:  Respect:  Treat others with Respect ~ Be Tolerant of Differences ~ Use Good Manners ~  Deal Peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements

April:  Responsibility

May:  Fairness

June:  Citizenship