Bus Discipline

Ridingthe bus is a privilege. We reserve the right to suspend students fromour buses when they act inappropriately. We have designed our disciplinepolicy so that consequences match behaviors. The more often rules arebroken or the more serious an action is, the more strict theconsequences.  You can get a copy of our full disciplinary procedures at school or at the Transportation Office.

  • Policy 3245P – Bus Conduct

District buses may have cameras with microphones. We may look at recordings to review student behavior.

Bus Conduct Notice

Driversdiscuss inappropriate behavior with transportation supervisors. Ifwarranted, we will mail written notices to students who behaveinappropriately. We ask that you review the notice and safe riding ruleswith your child.

We work closely with school principals whendetermining consequences. We will answer any of your questions aboutincidents or consequences. 

Disciplinary Procedures

Anyconsequence applies to all buses. We try to help students be successfulwhen riding the bus. Discipline is progressive. We document alldiscipline.

The following are the general consequences applied to all students:

  • First offense: Driver warns and counsels student and calls home
  • Second offense: Phone call home, written notice 
  • Third offense: Possible suspension of bus privileges for up to five days 
  • Fourth offense: Possible suspension of bus privileges for 10 days or more, depending on the type of offense

There may be exceptions to this process based on the severity of the behavior.  

Immediate Suspension

Wemay immediately suspend students for at least five days for certainactivities. Assaulting a bus driver will result in indefinite suspensionand possible criminal charges.

Activities that will result in immediate suspension include, but are not limited to:

  • Fighting on the bus
  • Throwing objects in or out of the bus
  • Possession of dangerous weapons or articles
  • Destroying or defacing district or private property
  • Use of sparking devices
  • Use/possession of drugs, alcohol or any form of tobacco or nicotine products
  • Obscene gestures or profanity directed at the bus driver or others
  • Any part of the body extended outside of the bus
  • Assaulting a bus driver (will result in indefinite suspension and possible criminal charges)
  • Shining a laser pointer at a bus driver (may also result in criminal charges)

The transportation director will contact the school principal for all serious or recurring offenses.