Kindergartners Start September 10th
Kindergarteners Come on Monday the 10th!





Kindergarten officially starts on Monday, September 10th.  This first short week parents and kindergarten students have been meeting their teachers and getting to know each other.  The first bell rings at 9:05.  Kindergarten students can be driven to school or ride the bus.  If you do not know the bus number or pick up time for your area, please call transportation at 662-8800 or use this link: Find your bus route .  Please call the office and send a note if you ever have a change in transportation: example – your child normally rides the bus, but grandma is picking the child up today.  Remember Thursdays are early release days, schools is out at 1:50.  If your student rides the bus you must be there to meet them at the drop off spot, otherwise they will be taken back to school to wait for you to come get them.

 Have lots of fun this year!  There are many ways to participate and be part of your child’s learning experience!


(Apologies for not posting the difference in times for Kindergartners! Lesson learned for next year!)