Silverdale first opened its doors in 1979. In the fall of 2016, we return to a newly remodeled building! Go to renovation and modernization for a peek at our design and progress.  

We serve kindergarten through fifth grade. Our school will be organized according to pods.  Our Coastal pod will house K-1, our Woodland pod will house 2nd-3rd and our Mountain pod will house 4th - 5th.  The pods reflect the great geographic diversity of our community and state.
We have several programs that support our students' academic growth.  We currently  have  programs supporting the special needs population through Resource Room, District Level Programming (Self-Contained), and intervention services through LAP, ELL.  The highly capable and gifted are offered challenges through classroom extension activities.  Those qualifying may also participate in the Alex program or Team Venture program.
Silverdale has many opportunities for students to take an active part in our school community.  Visit the Activities link above to look at the variety of options and encourage your child to join a group!

The staff at Silverdale Elementary have implemented a number of plans that proactively encourage  student success. Character Counts promotes opportunities and recognizes students who demonstrate quality characteristics.  Kelso's choice is another strategy used to help students problem solve especially at recess. These strategies teach students responsibility and allows them to grow through their mistakes.

Partnerships with parents are important to us. Students are most successful when we take the “village” approach to education. Don’t be shy—get involved! We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

Find Us

We are part of the Central Kitsap School District in Kitsap County, in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. We are located at 9100 Dickey Road, Silverdale, WA 98383.

You can call our main office at 360-662-9400. You can also send us a message online, or visit our directory to find contact information for individual staff in our school.