February is Reading Olympics Month!

Posted on 01/13/2020



February is Reading Olympics month at Silverdale Elementary.  The purpose of Reading Olympics is to encourage children to choose reading as a leisure activity.  Students may work toward a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal by reading or being read to for the required amount of time:



    BRONZE =  480 minutes or average 120 minutes per week.             

 SILVER  =  840 minutes or average 210 minutes per week               
  GOLD =   1200 minute or aver 300 minutes per week

Students may earn minutes by:

  • Reading to themselves.
  • Reading aloud to others.
  • Listening to a story read aloud by another family member.

You can help your child by setting aside a time each evening for reading.  We would encourage you to read a book yourself or have your child read aloud to you or the whole family.  This will encourage your child’s participation.  If you or another family member reads aloud to more than one child at a time, each child may record those minutes.

Please report all time in minutes and be sure to turn in the time slips on MONDAYS.
Thank you for your part in helping your child become a successful reader!