Science Showcase

Budding Scientists - Bring in your Projects

The CKHS Robotics team will be here with one of their robots.  Our students will have a chance to operate it.  The Kitsap Regional Library will also be here to share information about their upcoming spring/summer STEM camps.  Get your projects registered and come for a night of science fun!

Silverdale Elementary School
     Science Showcase
2019 Registration Form


“[Science is] a great game. It is inspiring and refreshing. The playing field is the universe itself.“

-Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898-1988) U. S. physicist. Nobel Prize, 1944.


Calling all Scientists . . .

Are you a “mad scientist” or of an inquisitive nature?  Do you like to perform amazing experiments, answer perplexing questions, and delve into the scientific method? Then come join us for the


Silverdale Elementary School Science Showcase

Thursday, May 16, 2019

6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Registration is required. All science experiment entries must conform to the Rules and Regulations guidelines stated on the back of this form. Teams are permitted at the showcase.


All participants will receive a certificate and a science medal at the event.

Door Prizes for participants to include: gift cards, donuts, cupcakes and more…..


Remember this event is to showcase your talents and interest in the field of science so HAVE FUN! 


*****To enter, please fill out the registration form on the back of this form & return it to the school office by May 6th.  Contact Rachel Oathout with questions ( or 360-662-9415). *****

Silverdale Elementary School Science Showcase 2019 Rules and Regulations


1. Displays should not take more table space than 30” wide by 14” deep. This is the amount of table space taken up by a standard size project board (labeled: 36” X 24” folded, 36” X 48” flat) when it is standing open.   

2. No matches, fire, glass, live animals, weapons or toxic substances permitted. Avoid materials that are valuable, breakable, or hazardous. Avoid any unsteady displays. Animals can be used in the experiment (e.g. “what it is my cat’s favorite food”?) but not in the display. Use pictures on your display.

3. There are a very limited number of electrical outlets available. You need to make advance arrangements and provide your own extension cords to use electricity.

4. Photos, graphs, charts and other visual displays always make a project more interesting.

5. Be sure that the names of all the students who worked on the display are clearly shown along with the grade, room and teacher.

6. Be sure your experiment includes the following, and that they are clearly displayed:

a. Research: background information that led you to your question.

b. Purpose: a question or statement stating what you will try to find out with your experiment.

c. Hypothesis: your hypothesis – what you predict will happen when you do the experiment.

d. Materials: the materials and equipment you used.

e. Procedure: your method – exactly what you did. Details should include how much of any substance that you used, what you measured, etc. This is the basic experimenting and observing.

f. Data gathering:  Collecting information and results.

g. Results: finding out what the experiment proves.  Your results can be in the form of a chart, graph, written description.

h. Summary/Conclusion: write down why you think you got the results that you did, and whether or not your hypothesis was correct.

i. References: a list of all of the references (books, articles in magazines, websites,) that you used in planning and doing your project.

Helpful website:  lots of interesting experiments (parental supervision required).




Silverdale Elementary School Science Showcase Registration Form

Please return this bottom portion to the office by May 6th.   Include all team names on a single registration form if this is a team experiment.

Student ____________________________________Teacher _________________________________

Experiment Name___________________________________________________________________


I, ___________________________________________________________________ (student name) have read the rules and regulations section on the back of this form.  My experiment does not involve matches, fire, glass, live animals, weapons or toxic substances.  I have avoided materials that are valuable, breakable, or hazardous.


Student signature_______________________________________________________________________


*All students must be accompanied by an adult to attend the Science Showcase.


Parent signature_________________________________________________________________________


Phone # of responsible parent: _____________________________________________________________


Email: _________________________________________________________________________________