Visiting & Messages

All visitors are required to sign in at the office and pick up a “visitor” badge before going to a classroom.  Parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom.  Classroom visits must be arranged in advance with the teacher and/or principal.

We welcome birthday celebrations within given parameters.  Due to allergies and new regulations we request that birthday food be store bought food such as cupcakes and donuts.  Students may share their treats during lunch.  Only with teacher permission may celebrations occur at the end of school.  Please refrain from sending balloons or bouquets unless you are picking your student up after school.  Birthday invitations may  be passed out to all the students in the class or all gender specific (all boys or all girls). It is not okay to exclude students if invitations are being passed out.

We would love to have you celebrate by eating lunch with your child on his/her special day!  Pick up a visitor's badge from the office!

Telephone Messages

The school telephone is extremely busy during the day; therefore, telephone messages for children must be limited to emergencies only. It is often difficult to locate children at dismissal time with last-minute instructions. 

Sending a note ensures your child’s protection. Children are not permitted to use the school phone for personal business.