Transfer Requests

Most students attend schools closest to their homes. However, if your family would prefer to attend a school outside your neighborhood, you can ask to transfer to one of our other schools.  

To keep your child enrolled in your preferred school, you’ll have to turn in a request form each year. You will also be responsible for your child’s transportation to school.

Space must be available in a school before we can approve a transfer. We give priority to students already enrolled in Central Kitsap schools. From there, we grant transfers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We begin processing transfer requests in February. For full consideration, you should submit your request by March.

Please call us at 360-662-1610 if you have any questions.

In-District Requests

Ask for an in-district transfer if you live within our district boundaries but want to transfer to another school. 

You will need approval from both your assigned school and your preferred school.

Out-of-District Requests

If you don’t live in Central Kitsap School District boundaries, you will need to fill out a CKSD Choice Transfer Request form. Turn it in either at the school you are requesting or to the CKSD transfer coordinator in the Community Schools office at the Jenne-Wright Administration Center, 9210 Silverdale Way. If you live in the Bremerton School District, you also will need to fill out a Bremerton School District Choice Transfer Request form and turn it in with your CKSD transfer request. We will need to accept your CKSD transfer request, and then we will handle all releases from resident districts.