Fines & Fees


If you have an account, use MySchoolBucks to:

Please note that My School Bucks charges a $2.50 transaction fee. If you do not have an account, visit our Food Services payment page to learn how to get one. You will need to know your child's student ID number, which is on report cards and available from our main office.

Student Fees & Fines

Pay Associated Student Body fees and make other payments through our main office.

Library Fines

Any book checked out to a student (textbooks, library books, Chromebooks) are the student's responsibility. Any damage that occurs while checked out in their name is your family's responsibility.    Text books and Chromebooks have high replacement costs.  

Library Paperback books = $10, nonrefundable
Library Hard Cover books = $20, nonrefundable
Textbooks = cost as determined by publisher, nonrefundable
Chromebooks = maximum $300

Options:  a. Pay the fine  b. Replace with the same title from a less expensive source